Wedding Videography

Weddings are a staple for us and what got our business off the floor. We love every wedding shoot we get to do and have so much fun getting to know you and capturing your big day! Check out our packages below to find what suits your needs and budget. We are happy to customize a package for you as well, just let us know what you're wanting or if you have any special requests.

Classic Wedding Packages

All of our classic wedding packages come with professional editing, aerial shots when weather permits, professional editing and mixing, shot in stunning high definition, free digital delivery with download access and sharing, and an experienced videographer to capture your day!

*See descriptions of products at bottom of page*


Our budget friendly package that delivers! 

  • One Videographer

  • Day of Coverage (6 hrs)

  • Feature Highlight Film (3-4 min.)

  • Aerial Shots

  • Full HD Films


Next step up, with even more moments to relive and enjoy!

  • One Videographer

  • Day of Coverage (All Day)

  • Feature Highlight Film (6-8 min.)

  • Ceremony Film

  • Best Wishes

  • Aerial Shots

  • Full HD Films


Get more bang for your buck, great price with all the essentials!

  • One Videographer

  • Day of Coverage (All Day)

  • Feature Highlight Film (5 min.)

  • Best Wishes Film

  • Aerial Shots

  • Full HD Films


For the bride who wants it all, get a full playback experience of your day!

  • Two Videographers

  • Day of Coverage (All Day)

  • Feature Highlight Film (10 min.)

  • Ceremony Film

  • Social Media Teaser

  • Best Wishes

  • Aerial Shots

  • Bonus Content Film

  • 4k Films

  • Custom USB

Intimate Wedding Packages

Our Intimate Wedding Packages are designed for smaller weddings happening though the week and are exclusive to Monday - Friday day of wedding dates. Typically, guest count will be less than 50 people.


Great quality, precious moments, great price, no regrets.

  • One Videographer

  • Day of Coverage (6 hrs)

  • Feature Highlight Film (4 min.)

  • Aerial Shots

  • HD Films


Perfect for capturing every bit of your perfect small wedding.

  • One Videographer

  • Day of Coverage (8 hrs)

  • Feature Highlight Film (6 min.)

  • Ceremony Film

  • Aerial Shots


Add any of these options to your wedding video package or ask about substitutions. (Substitutions in packages may incur additional charge depending on items selected)

Custom USB drive with all edited content


Ceremony Film


Extended Length in Feature Highlight Film


Best Wishes Film


2nd Videographer


Bonus Content


Social Media Teaser


Photography Services

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Feature Highlight Film - A beautifully crafted film highlighting all the big moments throughout your day with your choice of background music and optional vocal overlays either pre-recorded or taken from ceremony or letter readings.

Ceremony Film - Full length ceremony film up to 25 min. in length. Captured using 3 different camera angles. Wireless mic provided to capture audio and all music from the ceremony is overlayed for higher quality playback.

Aerial Footage - Included in all of our packages we bring the drone out to capture the landscape and venue and do our best to get some shots of the couple when time permits to add an extra level to your film's overall quality.

Social Media Teaser - This is a quick little video highlighting a couple great moments from your day edited together in a short one-minute video to share on social media. Let us know what platform you would most like to use, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. so we can optimize it for that platform. This is also a quick turnaround item and will be available within the first week following your event.

Best Wishes Film - This one is always a favorite. It's a composite of your toasts and speeches. We also can set up an area during reception for guests to record short videos to the bride and groom to include in this too. (This is more of a raw composite film so there is no limit on the length of time. All special speeches and messages recorded will be included)

Bonus Content Film - This one is special and can be a lot of things. For example, Letter readings between the bride and groom before the big day starts, full length first dance between the bride and groom, special planned events that happen during the reception. No limit on what it can be. Length of bonus content film is typically between 3-4 min in length.

All Day Coverage - With all day coverage we are with you from getting ready until send off. We will coordinate the best time to arrive, typically around the time the bride starts to get ready to ensure adequate time to capture all the pre-ceremony events such as bride and groom both getting ready, first looks between bride and groom, scenic shots with the couple, and any other activities taking place prior to event start. Then we hang around till the very end to ensure we capture that beautiful send off. If the party is still kicking after or if you do a "fake send off" we will hang around to make sure we capture all the major events and all the fun. Our goal is to know we have captured your entire day as best as we can. We don't put a time from on this because it varies from 8-12 hours. Wedding days are sometimes long, and a lot happens in them; we don't want to miss a single beautiful moment.

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